Mountain Trail Running & Trainings

Think different. Grab your shoes and run.

Mountain Trail Running & Trainings

If you are a fan of outdoor running, and if you are looking for a new terrain, exciting running trails, and don't want to get lost and not bother with reading hiking maps and using compass?

With the help of a professional Mountain Traveller Croatia team you will train in the natural environment without unnecessary wanderings. Just in the National park Paklenica alone, there are over 150 km trails which offers a great choice for mountain running.

Every year we organize the Paklenica Trail International mountain race and vertical race Absolute Paklenica, so our experience in mountain running will provide you the best from running in Paklenica National Park.

More Details

Group size: Min 4/Max 10
Altitude: on demand
Activity Level: on demand
Terrain: gravel/rocky

If you want to go on this adventure, please contact us and we will suggest the route that will suit your physical condition.


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