Hazards And Risks

Like most of activities, spending time in the nature has its risks. Dangers in the mountains can be subjective and objective. Subjective risks are those formed by human activities and are mainly a result of poor judgment or inappropriate behavior. Inappropriate behavior is due to ignorance, inexperience or lack of required skills (bad choice of procedures in the mountains, lack of food, water, clothing and equipment), and with poor assessment you risk over-exertion, dehydration etc. These dangers are predictable and can be entirely avoided. So before you go on tour, you should evaluate psychophysical capabilities and equipment of group members. Objective dangers are not dependent on the human factor . Here are some of them: weather conditions (rain, blizzards, hail, hurricane, fog), sunlight (sunstroke, dehydration), difficult and demanding terrain (talus, snow, slush, mud), falling rocks, wild animals atack, etc.

The trails on the mountain of Velebit are well-marked, but any distancing from the path may end up fatal because of the extremely inaccessible terrain. If we add microclimate conditions and sudden weather changes, and thus the temperature, high summer temperatures, large distance between the huts and sources of water, we highly recommend that you plan your visit carefuly. Bring necessary equipment, enough food and water in order to spend safe and memorable holidays.

By hiring a professional mountain leader you greatly reduce the risk of injuries caused by subjective circumstances as well as „getting lost“ situations. Mountain guides experience and skills are the key in decision-making process.