Holiday Tailored Just For You

Discover Velebit Mountain on your own terms and make your holiday more private

Make It Different

You may choose an ideal hiking tour on our website or we can customize an itinerary with some great add-ons in line with your specific wishes.

You have your own idea how to spend vacation? Our tim will provide you an unique arrangement on your request.

The price of custom tour depends on your group size, chosen routes and preferred level of comfort. For any further details please use our contact page


  • Start the tour on any date at your convenience
  • Choose you own group
  • Plan the accommodation and sightseeing spots that you are specifically interested in
  • Provided local professional guide for your group
  • Choose type and duration activitiy that fits your physical and mental capabilities
  • The whole experience is catered for your group


We have a unique way of meeting your adventurous expectations!